'Walking Dead' Spoiler Tweet Hints at Another Gruesome Amputation

Daryl Dixon hand
If you follow Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus on Twitter, you probably saw the HUGE season 5 spoiler he posted recently. I don't want to ruin the storyline for you so stop reading if you don't want any hints about what's to come -- but it's basically public knowledge now that he's shared two photos documenting what's about to happen to Daryl Dixon when the show comes back on the air in October.

Comics readers know the writers like to make tweaks to the original Walking Dead storyline, so it's not entirely surprising to see that a major plot development that affected one character in the comics is going to revolve around another on TV. Which is all to say, there may be a little less of Daryl Dixon to love.


In the comics Rick loses his right hand, but it looks like Daryl will be the one to suffer this fate on the small screen. Check out the photo he tweeted of special effects guru Greg Nicotero attending to what looks like his gory, zombified hand:

Reedus followed that up with a closeup of the severed appendage:


Orrrrrrr he's messing with us. For one thing, it's his right hand in the first photo and a left hand in the second. Also in the second photo, the hand is wearing a wedding ring. ALSO also, creator Robert Kirkman's been pretty clear that he's not interested in the logistical challenges of having a one-handed TV character:

To be perfectly honest, the practical difficulties of having a guy who doesn’t have a hand is extremely complicated in the comic and would be impossible in the show. Because the comic book doesn't move. For instance, in a recent issue, I think it’s 122 or 123, Rick is standing on top of a truck. It would take him quite a while to climb on top of a truck with one hand, but we just show him standing on a truck. And you’re reading that comic, and you’re like, ‘There he is on that truck.’

Then again, at the time he made that statement, he also joked,

Spoiler alert, [Rick] loses his hand in Season 5, so ...

SO MAYBE HE WASN'T JOKING OMG! But yeah, I think he was. I think Reedus and Nicotero were just goofing around and the hand isn't particularly critical to the story one way or the other. What's your take?

Image via AMC

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