Catelynn Lowell Says New Baby Will Be Raised Around Her Sister Carly

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She still has a ways to go in her pregnancy, but already, Catelynn Lowell is thinking about how much things are going to change after her precious little girl arrives.

She and Tyler Baltierra will finally fulfill their dream of becoming parents, though adding a new member to their family is also making them think about their first baby, Carly, and how or if she will fit into their infant daughter's life after her arrival.


As part of their open adoption agreement with Carly's parents, Brandon and Teresa Davis, Tyler and Catelynn only see Carly twice a year.

But despite the unique circumstances, Catelynn says her baby will be raised to know Carly, and she hopes that their relationship will eventually turn into something strong. She told In Touch, "I'll never hide anything from my kids. Our child [will grow up] with Carly around her. My hope is that they'll have a great relationship one day. They're sisters."

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OMG. Just when we thought Catelynn couldn't possibly be any more mature or level-headed, she comes out with a statement like that and proves once and for all that the best interests of her children always come first.

It's so wonderful that she and Tyler want to be open and honest with their new little girl while still understanding that whatever relationship she forms with Carly as she grows up will take time. And let's be honest, watching their girls interact is going to be heartwarming for Catelynn and Tyler, but it will also be bittersweet. It's almost a little surprising that they are so quick to make a decision about raising their daughter with Carly around.

But not wanting to deprive their children of knowing each other is so selfless and just goes to show why these two should most definitely be parents again.

Do you think Carly should be a part of Catelynn's new baby's life?


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