The Real Reason Michelle Duggar Had 19 Children (VIDEO)

Alex McCord

This week, we saw two 30-minute episodes of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, and I continue to marvel at how sharp and together the Duggar family is with their handling of media, family news, and show promotion. These guys are GOOD. In today's exclusive episode below, I take on what makes the Duggars so relatable and an insight into the WHY behind Michelle's agreement to have 19 children.


Putting on our behind-the-scenes hats, if I were Jim Bob, I would plan on doing the show as long as it takes to get the daughters married. Not only do you have a younger sibling as a chaperone, they also have a full entourage in the camera crew as well as video evidence should anything untoward occur. Way to use the production crew as your eyes and ears! And of course, this is not a docu-soap show like the Housewives; were it so, the producers would be tempting the young lovers, not thwarting them.

Watching the two episodes this week, I suddenly remembered the dog that didn't bark. Yes, I love a good Sherlock Holmes reference. Who doesn't? Do you know what I'm talking about? What do we know exists within the Duggar family, but we really don't see on camera? It made me wonder whether there are editing conflicts between the family and the network.

In addition to the mystery, I'm also fascinated by the editing treatment of the cast -- proof positive that whether you're doing docu-soap, competition, Big Brother-style, or family reality television, producers and editors can take any one person and make over their personality in any way they choose based on what they choose to keep and edit out of the final cut.

Watch today's exclusive episode below for all this and more!

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What do you love most about the Duggars?


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