'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Leah Calvert's & Corey Simms' Friendly Co-Parenting Ends

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For years now, we've been admiring how well Leah Calvert and Corey Simms have managed to co-parent their twin girls. They seem to have a good system down, have both remarried, and seem to get along perfectly fine. Well on tonight's Teen Mom 2, that all came to a quick and screeching halt.

Leah, who claims she has been pushed to the limit with Corey, has gone to her lawyer to demand more custody payments and to get sole medical rights over Ali. Meanwhile, Corey discovers that while Leah has been on him to get wheelchair information from their insurance, she has actually skipped Ali's last two therapy appointments and they're on the verge of being kicked out of the program. And when the former spouses meet up at a drop-off, it all blows up.


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"When did co-parenting go to s***?" asked Jeremy, oh so eloquently. Well, right as soon as Jeremy and Leah started messing it up, says Corey. It doesn't go well from there. Leah immediately gets offended that Corey would insinuate that she hasn't taken Ali to appointments, and Corey is unhappy with the constant pestering about insurance, which he cannot control.

Meanwhile, Miranda (Corey's wife) seems to have it all right: no one needs to be friends because it should be only about the girls. At least someone has their head on straight. Unlike one other co-parent, Jeremy. While he's perfectly fine riling up Leah before and after her conversation with her baby daddy, he stays shockingly silent and distant during the actual confrontation. Interesting strategy, but we'll have to wait until next week to see how it all shakes out.

Over in Pennsylvania, Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry are finally reunited. They enjoy a nice dinner together and chat about the family's upcoming vacation. Unfortunately, the parenting agreement says that Jo gets Isaac for six straight weeks during the summer, including Father's Day. But Kailyn's planned vacation falls during those weeks and on Father's Day. When she brings up the idea of Isaac coming on the trip to Jo, he politely shoots it down. Anyone really surprised there? There's no chance that argument would have worked.

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Meanwhile, we once again see that co-parenting is no easy feat in Chelsea Houska's case. It's finally time for Aubree's first t-ball game. So when the little lady is ready to step up to the plate, Adam Lind surprisingly shows up. But he does come with his brand new girlfriend, so that's a clear damper on the entire afternoon. And side note: who else caught the cameras following Taylor and Paislee there for a hot second? Possible new Teen Mom? Take notes, MTV.

Finally, we have Jenelle Evans. Still recovering from the argument she had with her mother in the last episode, Jenelle has a conversation with Jace, who reveals that he doesn't actually want to live with them, but would like to continue living with Barbara. And immediately, that leads to a heated fight with Nathan Griffith.

Jenelle tells him that he is moving too quickly and he accuses her of not taking custody seriously. Ultimately, she wins. With one single counter: "What about you worry about your daughter and I worry about my son?"

Low. But it got his attention. That is, until he stormed out and refused to go to Barbara's house to set up for the baby shower.

So when Jenelle finally arrives to drop off Jace back at home, there's yet another fight with mémère. This time, it's Jenelle's turn to storm off and speed out of the driveway, leaving Barbara angry and confronting Nathan in a heated phone call.

Let's take note here, people: co-parenting is a bitch. Whether it's with an ex or with whomever has custody over the child, it's never easy.

Do you agree with Leah or Corey in this case?


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