Amber Portwood Is Skinnier Than Ever in Shocking New Selfie

Amber Portwood

Whoa! We already knew she's really cleaned up her lifestyle since being released from prison, but you seriously aren't going to believe how skinny Amber Portwood has gotten.

She's undergone a total body transformation, to the point where at first glance, she doesn't look like the same girl we know from the original season of Teen Mom.

She shared a glimpse of her hot new bod with a selfie she posted yesterday. Take a look and see for yourself just how slender she's looking these days.


OMG. Seriously? She's tiny, people! Like, legitimately thin! Check out her legs ... aren't they fab?

And that dress is practically hanging off her, so she could easily go down a size or two the next time she's out shopping. (Best. Feeling. Ever.)

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Aren't you thrilled for her that she's finally gotten herself back on track? She must be feeling more confident than ever, especially given how far she's come over the course of the past year.

And she should definitely be proud of how great she looks. Keep the selfies coming, girl!

Do you think Amber looks like a different person?


Image via Twitter

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