'Married at First Sight' Couple Divorces but May Get Back Together (VIDEO)

married at first sight

Other people's marriages, other people's divorces. We can't get enough of hearing about them, so of course last night's finale of the FYI network's Married at First Sight was must-see TV. Did you call it? I actually did, but I thought I was going to be wrong, which I explain in today's video below. Let's discuss!


I predicted that Monet Bell and Vaughn Copeland would split up, but I was hoping until the very end that they would work it out. I think all the experts, from Dr. Pepper Schwartz to Dr. Joseph CilonaGreg Epstein, and Dr. Logan Levkoff, hoped the two would rise above their differences and embrace their similarities. However, in today's video below, I offer an alternative, and we might get a clue as to whether it happened when we see the reunion special next week.

Throughout the episode, I found myself becoming terrified for Cortney Hendrix -- can you guess why? Not because I thought Jason Carrion would ultimately want a divorce, but I was worried her mother might cause a reaction in him that she wouldn't like. More on that in today's video.

Finally, Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis. Oh my. My concern all along has been that Jamie would rush to a yes because of her reality television background on The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad, but take a look and tell me whether you agree with my summation. Watch now!

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Are you surprised that Money and Vaugh decided to divorce?


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