'Below Deck' Recap: The Crew Owes Kate an Apology

below deck

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think Kate got a totally raw deal from her co-workers on tonight's episode of Below Deck. For those who missed last week's episode (shame upon you, naturally), Kate, after being called a bitchy kill-joy by a charter guest, left a towel on his bed in the shape of a penis. This week was alllll about the fall-out of her decision to make her feelings about the charter guest known through the lost art of linen-folding. 

Her charter guest noticed it immediately and brought it to the attention of the other crew members who got in a giant kerfuffle about it. They all took Kate to task. Here's the thing that turned me off about this -- the charter member OBVIOUSLY thought it was a hilarious stunt. He was SMILING and taking photos of the blanket! He knew he was in the wrong calling Kate a bitch, and he was definitely one of those guys who respects it when people call him out and up the ante. The crew had no right to go after Kate to apologize. 


I was totally shocked at how quick they all were to tattle on her to Captain Lee. Kate is a yachting veteran, and she's brilliant at what she does. I say this like I've chartered many yachts. That is untrue, my sole experience is this show -- but still! The crew didn't trust Kate's judgment at all, which was lame of them. I don't blame her at all for feeling like they sold her out. 

Office politics can be tricky, that's for sure. That trickiness is multiplied by roughly one million percent when you are LIVING with your co-workers. That said, regardless of your work environment, it's never okay to ignore a co-worker who is being abused by a customer or a guest. The charter guest straight-up called Kate a bitch. I don't care how much money he has, that's just not okay. For an industry that's all about service and class, you'd think they would hold themselves to a slightly higher standard. 

Do you think the crew did the right thing?


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