Leah Calvert Shares Plans to Add to Her Family … Again!

Leah CalvertIt hasn't even been two weeks since Leah Calvert announced that her family was expanding in a very big way -- with than addition of an equestrian friend. The Teen Mom 2 star tweeted that their family had just gotten their first horse, to help her daughter Ali with physical therapy for her muscular dystrophy.

Leah must be all kinds of animal crazy, because she recently posted on Twitter that she's looking for a new kitten for her daughter! You know, because things aren't crazy enough in the Calvert household, so let's add another pet or two. It's going to be a veritable zoo over there before too long.


Actually the reason she's looking for a new one is kind of sad. "The girls' kittens did not make it, and we are looking for them a kitten like this," Leah tweeted. "Gracie loves kittens and I promised her one like this."

Aww, those are some pretty cute kitties! Even though it's probably a bad idea to promise something to your kid you're not sure you can make happen, we don't blame Leah for trying to cheer Gracie up after losing the kittens they did have. In another tweet, Leah explained to a fan that "they were born early" so sadness all around.

Hopefully Leah can make it happen -- what's one more furbaby in the bunch anyway?

Do you think it's a good for kids to have lots of pets?


Image via Leah Calvert/Twitter

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