Sarah Herron's Breakup With Robert Graham Was Worse Than We Expected

Sarah Herron Robert Graham

Ugh. After watching the finale of Bachelor in Paradise last night, I seriously wanted to reach through the TV and hug poor Sarah Herron. She was so hopeful about her relationship with Robert Graham growing into something amazing after a romantic night in the fantasy suite, but as we all now know, their date had anything but fireworks going on after the lights went out. (Total buzz kill.)

And sadly, almost immediately after Sarah revealed that Robert did not want to be physically intimate with her, people started bashing her on Twitter for dumping Robert because he didn't wind up sleeping with her or whatever.


But even though it's understandable that some people are taking his side since Sarah was the one who ended the relationship, all I can say is that she 100 percent did the right thing.

Um, the guy flat out rejected her, plain and simple. I'm sorry, but this is a freakin' reality show, for crying out loud. It would be weird enough for a guy and a girl to spend the night together in a hotel room and not go past first base as it is, but given the fact that this is Bachelor in Paradise? Yeah. He should've been all over her like flies on you know what -- if he was really into her.

And if he did want to take things slow, as he indicated upon his exit, he should've made that perfectly clear to Sarah so she wouldn't feel like he turned down her advances on the date.

Based on a Twitter update Sarah shared today along with a new Instagram photo, it appears as though her breakup with Robert hurt her worse than any of us imagined.

Ugh! Poor Sarah! Considering how much backlash she received, she probably feels like her dating life has been ruined forever.

I'm sure after watching the events unfold on TV, she's feeling a sense of regret. But honestly, she should trust her initial gut reaction after seeing how much stronger the connections were between Michelle Money and Cody Sattler and Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul

If Robert were really as interested in her as he let on, he never would've let her say goodbye to him in Mexico. He would've put up a fight and made sure his feelings were perfectly clear. Then he would've scooped her up and taken her upstairs to prove his physical attraction for her. (Or something like that.)

Sarah's true love is out there somewhere, and when she finds him? Something tells me he won't hesitate to take his jeans off under the covers. Just sayin'.

Do you think Sarah made the right call in dumping Robert?


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