'Sons of Anarchy': 8 Things to Know Before Watching the Season 7 Premiere

Sons of Anarchy season 7
Sons of Anarchy
fans, are you ready for the premiere episode tonight? The premiere episode of the seventh and FINAL season, that is? I've been a bit of a fair-weather fan over the years with this show (do not even get me started on that interminable mission to retrieve Jax's son), but I'm really interested to see how the SAMCRO story comes to an end.

SoA has always been a brutal show, but this final season looks rougher than ever with Jax out for blood after you-know-who died last season. (This would be your official spoiler warning.) From the previews, it looks like he's asking his club brothers to help him dish out a heaping serving of revenge against those who wronged him -- which means heads are probably going to roll right and left until he finds out the real culprit. And THEN what? Ooooh, Jemma. Girl, you are in trouble ...

To get you pumped up for tonight's episode, here are 8 things to know about the final Sons season.


1. Marilyn Manson will make an appearance as Ron Tully, a white supremacist Jax meets in prison. You probably knew that already, but here's a look at him in character:

2. Charlie Hunman says the reason he dropped out of Fifty Shades is because he couldn't fully commit to both Sons of Anarchy and the movie:

I wouldn't have signed up in the first place if I didn't want to do it. It was a really, really difficult time in my life. I was going to finish Sons ... at like 11pm Friday night, get on the plane Saturday morning to Vancouver for Fifty ... missing the whole first week of rehearsal and start shooting Monday morning. And I was going to shoot that film, wrap that on the Wednesday and the following Monday I was going to start shooting Crimson Peak in Toronto. I just had like ... Frankly, something of a nervous breakdown. I just said, 'I can't ..... I can't.' To fail on such a grand scale -- because Fifty's going to be massive, it's going to be huge. I really didn't want to fail on such a grand scale and I just couldn't transition from Jax Teller to Christian Grey in 48 hours. I bit off more than I could chew and it was painful. I loved the character and I wanted to do it. It was just a shitty situation. I was really, really, sorry to do it. It was one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't situations.

I cannot imagine what it must have been like to publicly drop out of such an uber-hyped movie. I'm guessing some of the angst we'll see in Jax this season will be real, don't you?

3. This Cinamablend critic who's seen the first 3 episodes says "death is its own entity in the beginning of season 7." Also, there will be a "Frankenstein-themed porn shoot."

4. Drea de Matteo is featured pretty heavily in the promo shots for season 7. I'm so curious how Wendy's story will play out. Maybe she'll get clean for good and end up with both kids?

5. The Forest Ranger's cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody" is frickin' AMAZING. Sons of Anarchy music supervisor Bob Thiele Jr. told Billboard,

I'll never say, 'Got this down' but I will say tackling 'Bohemian Rhapsody' would've been impossible had we taken it on in any season prior to this one. It's kind of the sum total of all our musical adventures. It's rock, it's blues, it's a bit traditional country, and we even have some kids singing on it.

Listen to it here.

6. The premiere episode is titled "Black Widower." Also, you may want to pre-fluff your sofa butt dent: it's going to be an hour and 45 minutes long.

7. The final death count may be less than you think. Creator Kurt Sutter told EW that by the end of the final season,

Two club members will be dead. I don’t think there’ll be more than that.

Not Chibs not Chibs not Chibs not Chibs.

8. But no matter what, things are going to be dark. According to Sutter,

Will it be a happy ending? No, but I do think that there will be something hopeful about the way it ends.

Are you going to be watching this final Sons of Anarchy season?

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