'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 2 Has Been Confirmed!

Bachelor in Paradise cast

If you're kind of bummed that the finale airs tonight, marking the end of the best guilty pleasure to come out of reality TV in a long time, then I have some amazing news. Bachelor in Paradise has been renewed for a second season! We won't have to spend the summer of 2015 moping around and watching Golden Girls reruns or whatever.

And while there aren't any details yet as to whether or not the show will follow the same set of "rules" or be filmed in Mexico, one thing's for sure: It's bound to bring the same level of insane drama we had the pleasure of viewing this season, which is more than enough reason to tune in again.


OMG. It's one of those shows that is so bad, it's good, to the point where it's impossible not to get sucked in right from the get-go.

I mean, who doesn't love watching a bunch of reality stars fall in love, fall out of love, hook up over and over again, and stab each other in the back all in the matter of a few days?

It's the stuff amazing mindless television is made of, and I can't lie, I'm already wondering who will wind up being part of the new cast.

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Let's go ahead and make a wish list of sorts, shall we?

Brad Womack -- OMG. Yes! Hell, he was The Bachelor twice and is still single (as far as we know) -- but maybe being around a bunch of drunk chicks in a tropical setting is just the ticket.

Courtney Robertson -- Duh. Paradise needs a resident skinny dipper. The end.

Wes Hayden -- My favorite villain ever. He'll bring his guitar and serenade the ladies with a future hit single for sure. Maybe "love didn't come easy" for him and Jillian Harris, but paradise is another story.

Lindzi Cox -- It's about time she found someone better than Kalon McMahon; plus, it would be fun to see her and Courtney compete for the same guy. Again.

Nick Viall -- OMG OMG OMG. He needs a nice gal to "make love" to him and not dump him for another dude the next day.

Vienna Girardi -- Um, hello DRAMA queen. Hell, just seeing her try and rough it without air conditioning would make the show worth watching.

Who would you like to see on the second season of Bachelor in Paradise?


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