New 'Walking Dead' Season 5 Trailer Shows Freaky Exploding Zombies (VIDEO)

Walking Dead trailer
Walking Dead
fans, you've seen the season 5 trailer that debuted at Comic-Con, right? Of course you have. Since that clip was over three minutes long, I kind of thought we wouldn't see another official trailer before the season premiere on October 12 -- but the marketing gods at AMC have released another promotion, titled "Never Let Your Guard Down."

I wouldn't say there are any major brand-new revelations in this new clip, but you definitely get the feeling that Rick will be out for blood when he gets out of that boxcar. Plus: EXPLODING ZOMBIES.


We've seen teasers of Rick squaring off against Gareth before, but in this new video, Rick drops a seriously ominous line: "It's not over until they'll all dead. They don't get to live." I'm still thinking there's a connection between Terminus and the hospital-type location where Beth is being held, so I'm not sure if he's talking about killing Terminus citizens or if there's a bigger picture to come. Either way, Rick is pissed off and he has his guns back, hallelujah.

Take a look:

Some takeaways:

• The giant explosion of what I assume are zombies! Duuuuuuuuuuuude.

• What's Abraham crying about at :43? Did someone tell him all the remaining army surplus stores were out of camo pants?

• Super-brief glimpse of Beth running for her life at :51, so I think we can expect a big dramatic mission to save her:

• Rick tells Carl he's not safe. In the zombie apocalypse.

Also, that moment where it looks like someone's winding up to bash Glenn's head in sure seems like a nod to the comics, but I'm holding steady in my belief they're just messing with us and Glenn will survive.

What's your call, do you think Glenn's about to die in that trailer?

Image via AMC

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