Ali Fedotowsky May Be Getting Engaged Very Soon!

Ali Fedetowsky

Andi Dorfman might want to make some room because it looks like we've got another Bachelorette star who might be announcing some pretty big news herself. According to Ali Fedotowsky, she and her boyfriend Kevin Manno might be THIS CLOSE to walking down the aisle in the reality star's second attempt in getting engaged.


Fedotowsky and Manno, who have been dating for a little over a year now, could be tying the knot soon with a little push from the television star herself. Apparently, Fedotowsky is wanting to wear a fake engagement ring when she’s out and about because she’s so sick of all "the admirers" dropping to their knees everywhere she goes (major eyeroll there ...). According to Star, Fedotowsky recently said:

I’m going to start wearing a fake engagement ring when I travel. Awkward airport bar ‘pickup lines’ are just too much.

So with her wearing a fake engagement ring, you know that’s going to pressure Manno into buying a real one in no time. No girl with Fedotowsky’s status is going to want to wear a fake ring when she can have a real one, right? Hey, I hear that Jared is having a sale ...

Do you think Kevin Manno is going to propose to Ali Fedotowsky soon?

Image via Ali Fedotowsky/Instagram

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