Jenelle Evans' Super Skimpy Bikini Is Totally Inappropriate (PHOTO)

Jenelle Evans & Jace

It's been two months since she gave birth to baby Kaiser, but Jenelle Evans has seriously wasted zero time getting back into bikini shape. The beach-loving lady has been pretty vocal about losing the baby weight, and it turns out she's been really good at slimming down to her pre-baby bod.

Seriously, baby Kaiser was just born in June, and his mama immediately got to work on shedding the pounds. Granted, she only gained 18 pounds during her second pregnancy, so if you're not already jealous, this should do it.

You have to see for yourselves:


Yes, this is the "after pic." Just take a second and admire that.

Guys, guys. Did you really take it all in? For real, this is just eight (EIGHT!) weeks after popping out a baby. Sorry. I can't get over it. Consider me a little more than impressed.

Clearly, she's not joking around. Jenelle has changed her day-to-day habits to help with the weight loss and has taken on a carb-free diet. And the results are visible.

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Girl is doing something right.

Not only has she managed to shed whatever tiny weight she did gain, but she's also already parading her skinny bod all over the water park. Which, of all places, seems like an interesting destination spot for a mom of a newborn.

Seriously, what mom has the time and energy to go traipsing around on water slides and tubing down lazy rivers with an infant at home? And not only that, but one who wears such a revealing bikini to a place where there are probably other little kids? Maybe a tad on the inappropriate side, but this girl is on a whole new level.

Congrats, Jenelle! You're looking AMAZING.

What do you think of Jenelle's post-baby weight loss?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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