One Family That Makes 'Extreme Guide to Parenting' Worth Watching (VIDEO)

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Color me shocked. An episode of The Extreme Guide to Parenting that I didn't hate. I didn't want to call child protective services, I didn't want to bang my head against the wall or pour a shot of tequila at 10 a.m. Wow. In today's exclusive episode, I examine the Jiu-Jitsu Valencias as well as Mama Brooks and what she's doing with her daughters in episode 4. Also, we have a revisit down south to the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama, for episode 5 of Jersey Belle, topped off with a salute to the inimitable Joan Rivers.


There are several elements that made me not hate episode 4 of Extreme Parenting. We had parents who were willing to listen to criticism from friends, family members, and, in the case of the Brooks family, the children. It was fascinating to see a family with children old enough to know their own minds and speak out for or against their family policies -- I'd watch more of that.

Over in the land of Jersey Belle, I noticed a couple of behind-the-scenes tactics this week. First, a bait and switch. Can you guess what it was? I loved it, partly because I didn't expect it. Though I should have.

Next, another docu-soap Housewives-style element is foreshadowed for this hybrid genre show, and I'm not sure what to make of it ... yet. There's a girls' trip on the horizon for the Belles, and this could shake out one of several ways, mostly depending on how much the producers meddle with the cast. In today's episode I break down what I saw, what I'm guessing, and what I'm hoping we see next week.

Finally, I wanted to say a few words about Joan Rivers. Watch. Feel. Agree or disagree -- I'm OK with either. But tell me what you think in the comments! 

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Who's your favorite Extreme Guide to Parenting family?


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