Michelle Money Disses AshLee Frazier Where It Hurts the Most

Michelle Money

If we didn't already love her enough after seeing her on Bachelor Pad, watching Michelle Money on Bachelor in Paradise has certainly taken our girl crush on her to the next level. Um, how awesome is this woman?

She's totally real, down to earth, and is kind and loyal to everyone on the show. And that's why we can't help but trust her opinion of AshLee Frazier and Graham Bunn's relationship, which has baffled viewers since the moment all of the cast members arrived in Mexico.


OMG. Can you say crazy train? Anyone who claims to fall in love with a man after looking at his Instagram account definitely isn't playing with a full deck. It just seemed kind of nuts that Graham kept things going with AshLee even after she basically revealed herself as a stage five clinger.

And if anyone knows whether or not AshLee is remotely right for Graham, it's Michelle -- but just wait until you hear what she said about Ash in a recent interview.

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In true Michelle Money fashion, she totally insulted AshLee in the worst possible way, all while being pretty darn nice about it.

AshLee is a sweet woman. She was kind to me, and she was kind to everyone. There's a lot of really sweet things she did for everyone that you don't get to see. It was very obvious that when the cameras were on, it was a different version of AshLee. AshLee had two different personalities. And knowing Graham the way I know him, that's not something he's interested in.

She then went on to add that Graham needs a chick with a "consistent personality" and said, "It became clear that AshLee wasn't that girl."


OMG. AshLee is probably going to retreat to the nearest bathroom and bawl her eyes out upon hearing those words! (All while mumbling something about Clare Crawley being ugly, of course.)

There's really no better way to diss a gal than by telling her she's all sorts of wrong for the dude she's hot for. Michelle definitely succeeded at reminding Ash just how badly she screwed things up with the catch of the century.

On that note, even though we're so happy that things are working out for Michelle and Cody Sattler, who else thinks she and Graham are totally meant to be together? OMG. They're pretty much the definition of soul mates, so it just seems odd that they haven't managed to find their way back into each other's arms.


Do you think AshLee and Graham ever had a chance?


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