The Crafty Way the Duggars Manipulate Their Daughters' Relationships (VIDEO)

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What do 19 Kids and Counting & Married at First Sight have in common? Besides no sex before marriage, that is?!? In today's exclusive episode below, I examine episode 9 of the FYI Network's relationship show as well as the season 9 premiere of TLC's 19 Kids. Between Jill Duggar's wedding plans and real-life baby news and the MAFS couples days before their decision to stay married or get divorced, there's LOTS to discuss.


Monet Bell and Vaughn Copeland surprised me this week -- you too? The radical, 180-degree turnaround, coupled with commentary from Dr. Cilona, made me wonder whether the editors have been playing tricks with us all season. Cortney Hendrix comes to a not-surprising-at-all conclusion about her relationship with Jason Carrion, and Doug Hehner's wife Jamie Otis needs to be locked in a closet with Idina Menzel. Or Adele Dazeem. Take your pick.

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All of the couples make a last effort to find as much romance as possible before making their final decision to stay together or split up, which airs next week, and I break down what we're seeing and NOT seeing from each. Happily, there will be a reunion special airing September 16, so we'll get a chance to see how well they have settled into their choices.

Also this week, season 9 of 19 Kids and Counting premiered and it looks to be an action-packed season. In today's video below I explain how the choices Jim Bob Duggar is making for his family can help both the family and the show, from planning daughter Jill's wedding to shepherding daughter Jessa Duggar's courtship progress with Ben Seewald. Watch now!

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Do you really believe Jessa Duggar has never kissed her fiance?

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