Chelsea Houska's Cheating Confession Proves She's Only Human​

Chelsea Houska

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska is looking good lately. Actually, scratch that. She's looking great. Houksa has shed a few unwanted pounds, thanks to what appears to be exercise and a healthy diet -- not always an easy feat when you've got a child to take care of! Chelsea has been showing off the new hot new bod she's worked so hard for here and there on Instagram and Twitter -- as she should -- and, again, she looks incredible.

However, Chelsea's recent tweets about ruining her diet with "cake and junk food" for both her and her daughter Aubree's birthdays are the eensiest bit concerning. You look perfect as is, Chelsea! You deserve a piece of cake (or two)!


Of course, Chelsea doesn't want to undo all the hard work she's put in, creating a healthier lifestyle for herself, but it's nice to see that she allows herself "cheat days" here and there -- especially when they're for her and her daughter's birthdays. Hopefully, she didn't beat herself up too much about enjoying some delicious dessert. Once in a while, it's okay to indulge. In fact, it's the smart thing to do -- you don't want to deprive yourself completely.

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It's great to see that the Teen Mom star is so committed to her new way of life. But let's hope she doesn't take things too far. She looks amazing. If anybody deserves a slice of cake, it's her!

What do you think of Chelsea's weight loss?


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