Jenelle Evans' New Extreme Diet Sounds Like Absolute Torture

Jenelle Evans

Apparently she hasn't looked in the mirror in the past few weeks, because Jenelle Evans is on a carb-free diet in an effort to become even more minuscule than she already is. Ugh. No bread. No pasta. No starch whatsoever. What a drag!

And while it's totally understandable that she wants to get every last ounce of baby weight off as quickly as possible, it sort of sounds like she's following this new restrictive eating plan for all of the wrong reasons.


Based on this recent tweet, it almost sounds like Nathan Griffith is putting pressure on her to pay closer attention to what she's eating.

Um, excuse me? She promised Nathan she'd eat healthier? Unless she's still breastfeeding baby Kaiser and he's simply concerned about what she might be passing on to him, Nathan has no business monitoring her food intake.

Again, Jenelle is tiny. Like really, really tiny, especially for someone who gave birth a couple of months ago.

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If she's simply feeling sluggish or wants to cleanse her system, then it makes sense for her to want to cut the starch, sugar, and other junk for a while. But hopefully her reasoning for going on such an extreme diet has everything to do with her own wishes and nothing to do with Nathan; otherwise, this is pretty messed up.

Again, Jenelle really needs to take a good long look in the mirror, because her body is nothing short of amazing right now. 

But if she is hell bent and determined to cut the carbs out, there are other options she can indulge in besides broccoli. Isn't kale kind of all the rage these days?

Do you think Jenelle needs to be on a diet?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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