'Walking Dead' Season 5 Sneak Peek Shows Rick's 'Darker, Brutal' Side (PHOTO)

Walking Dead season 5 cannibals
Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead, says people should be ready for the increasingly dark upcoming storylines when the show comes back in October: "Brutal is the word for this season." For those who maybe got a little sick of Rick's brooding over the last couple seasons (ring ring, ghost phone calling, can I speak with the mopiest sheriff in this here apocalypse?), Lincoln says, "(Rick) doesn’t doubt himself anymore," and "he’s in an incredibly powerful and dangerous place."

That's the message AMC is clearly trying to convey with their just-released season 5 key art -- but the image is also a sly wink to the comics fans. It's either confirmation that Terminus is chock-filled with cannibals ... or it's a clever diversion from an upcoming plot twist. Either way, it's nice to see Rick out of the boxcar and ready to kick some ass.


Here's what Lincoln says about what we can expect in season 5:

(...) because their leader is incredibly uncompromising, I think he is dragging a lot of those people into a place that is darker, more brutal, and there will be fallout from that. So it feels like it’s a more grown-up show. It fees like we’re heading into the heart of darkness. Brutal is the word for this season. It’s always been pretty intense, but this season I think is very hard hitting. People should be prepared for that, I think.

Of course, the cast and crew says that every season. It's always going to be more "intense" or "extreme" or some other adjective that could also be used to describe an energy-drink-sponsored sporting event. But I think we can at least look forward to a serious showdown at Terminus, judging by the newly released key art:

Comics fans know the tagline "Hunt or Be Hunted" is a nod to the cannibalistic Hunters storyline from the books, which isn't exactly breaking news since we all pretty much assume Terminus citizens are cooking long pig on Mary's big-ass barbecue. But it's interesting that they referenced the story in that way. I'm getting more convinced that Terminus won't just be eating people, they'll be carrying out medical experiments on them first -- and the Hunters hint is there to tease us that we don't have the full picture yet.

Here's an interesting image that AMC apparently released at the end of season 4 but hasn't since promoted on their press site:

That's Rick and Michonne, obviously, and they appear to be fighting off some chained walkers who've been enjoying some snacks. Hmmmmm. Who's feeding them, and why? Is Terminus connected with that hospital-type place Beth's trapped in, and are people maybe trying to figure out a cure by hacking people open and studying zombies?

No way to know for sure yet, but I'm glad to see Rick holding his signature combat Magnum again. Reach fer the sky, Termites.

What's your call on this latest Walking Dead artwork? Do you think it's confirmation that Terminus citizens are cannibals?

Image via EW

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