'Below Deck' Recap: Kate Finally Lashes Out at Rude Charter Guests

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Andrew Sturby may be gone, but that doesn't mean the gasp-worthy moments on Below Deck are over. Oh no, far from it! In fact, today we saw the last crew member imaginable totally lose it when the charter guests got way, way out of line.

Look, I get it, working in customer service is no easy task and sometimes you've got to just suck it up. But no matter how much money you have, the people who are "serving" you? Yeah, they are still people

Chief Stew Kate Chastain totally blew her stack. Here's the thing though -- I don't blame her, and I don't think anyone else watching would either. It was actually really sad to see the whole incident play out. That's because Kate began the charter with such high hopes! Coming off the last rude bunch, Kate was convinced that this group was being helmed by her "charter soul mate." Pretty quickly, however, she realized this was not the case. 


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Kate was so excited to work for this bunch. The primary charter guest? He was a total control freak and stickler for details, which suited Kate just fine. That is, it suited her just fine until her "charter soul mate" told her that because she wasn't walking around with an idiot smile on her face at all times, she was coming across as "bitchy." 

Dude. Inappropriate. Untrue. And totally sexist! Look, I admit that I'm biased as a woman whose resting face looks sullen and sad. But here's the thing -- if Kate were a dude? No one would be demanding that she smile! Plus, she was doing such a good job! She was being courteous and quick and kind and receptive. Heck, she was even planning a scavenger hunt, special just for them. 

The most heartbreaking moment of the episode? That was definitely when Kate ditched all of the scavenger hunt maps she'd been preparing because she was upset. I thought it was going to end there, but Kate upped the ante by going to the master suite and arranging the primary charter guest's blanket into the shape of a full-on penis. Dude! I mean, hilarious, but not doing herself any favors.

But let's be real, haven't we all been in situations where we wish we could do something just like that? In the immortal words of Terry Dubrow: "There's a word we have in the medical community for what you are -- and it's PENIS." Ha. Classic. 

Do you think Kate was out of line?


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