'19 Kids & Counting' Season Premiere Recap: Jim Bob Has the Right Idea About Courting

19 kids and counting

19 Kids & Counting is back, better, and busier than ever before! Clearly, family is somewhat important to Jim Bob Duggar (gee, ya think, Rebecca?). With his daughter Jill Duggar engaged to marry Derick Dillard in just three short months (excuse me as I breathe into this paper bag at the very idea of planning a party for 1,000 people in less than a year), Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have marriage on the mind.

To that end, Jim Bob proposed something super savvy. He asked Jessa Duggar's boyfriend Ben Seewald if he'd be interested in coming to live in the guest house so he could move things forward with his beloved.

I was floored by this gesture! Not just because it was exceptionally generous (Jim Bob will also be employing the dude), but in part because it was such ingenious parenting. Jessa and Ben's courtship has been stymied by the four hours keeping them apart. This is something that might please other parents -- but not the Duggars! 


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Ben's move will encourage their relationship to grow, and the new job will give Ben the financial foundation he needs to provide Jessa with a stable future -- something that's very important to the entire Duggar clan. Plus, all things being equal, Jim Bob's offer is a demonstration of trust in both Jessa and Ben. 

I know, I know. On the surface, inviting your kid's boyfriend to move in sounds absolutely crazy. But I'd argue that if Jim Bob and Michelle are crazy, they are crazy as foxes. Demonstrating that they like Ben and trust him gives the two lovebirds freedom and comfort in terms of getting to know each other without fear of judgment. It also makes absolutely certain that the decisions the two have made regarding purity are their own decisions -- not ones forced on them by their parents. Color me impressed! 

Were you surprised by Jim Bob's offer? Would you ever do the same?


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