Sean Lowe Disses Marquel Martin After ‘Bachelor’ Reveal

sean loweUnless you've been avoiding all Bachelor updates or are still in complete denial, the news stands: Chris Soules is ABC's next BachelorAnd with that announcement is the sad fact that neither Arie Luyendyk Jr. nor Marquel Martin got the coveted gig. Are they bitter? You decide. Arie posted a rather snarky tweet when the news came out, and Marquel decided to go to his blog to share his feelings about the network's selection. But as disappointed as we all were that the Cookie Monster wasn't the next leading man, former Bachelor Sean Lowe set the record straight and let us know exactly why Marquel wasn't chosen, while insulting Juan Pablo Galavis all at the same time. Very productive, Sean.


Following the announcement, Marquel made his thoughts very known and said that "race played a large factor in this decision. What else could it have been?" But Sean was quick to point out that that was not the case. In fact, the Bachelor decision could have had a lot to do with Marquel's latest reality show stint:

Accepting the Paradise gig made it really easy for the network to pass on [Marquel] as the Bachelor. Marquel says that he doesn’t think that played a big part in the decision ... he’s wrong. That decision was the nail in his coffin ... people don’t want the bachelor to be apart of that train-wreck.

Whether you like it or not, the statement is true. No one has ever gone from a franchise spinoff to the Bachelor or Bachelorette lead (only Jake Pavelka was on Bachelor Pad 2 after his season of Bachelor aired). Why? Because they're a recipe for drama. And Marquel's stint definitely didn't help his campaign.

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On top of that, his performance on Andi Dorfman's season didn't garner him any more traction, says Sean:

Normally, the show’s execs select a fan favorite from someone who finished in the top three. That guarantees that the shows’ dedicated fanbase had enough time to get to know them and will tune in. Marquel was sent home much earlier, had limited screen time, and was more of a gamble. They rolled the dice on the same type of gamble last year and everyone knows how the whole Juan Pablo experiment turned out.

Well, ouch! One, he's right yet again. As popular and "fan favorite" as Marquel may have seemed, he placed ninth in Andi's season. Clearly not a top finisher. And two, that's a low dig at Juan Pabs if we've ever heard one.

Juan Pablo was also a huge fan fave during Desiree Hartsock's season. His sultry Latino charm and single dad story line were perfect. People immediately fell in love with him and the ladies auditioned like crazy for a chance to meet the guy. But just a couple episodes in and a gazillion ees ok-s later, we knew he was not a good pick. So alas, that didn't set a good precedent for Marquel.

Sure, Chris Soules seems like the safe pick. He's a farmer from Iowa (in case you haven't heard) and seems to be there for "all the right reasons." Maybe Marquel would have been a bolder choice and could have brought more entertainment to the show, but it just wasn't his time.

There's always next year, man.

Do you think Sean is right about why Marquel isn't the Bachelor?


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