'Real Housewives of Orange County' Reunion Recap: Shannon Beador Dishes About Her Marital Bed & It's Not What We Expect

You know who looked totally stunning on the second installment of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion? Shannon Beador. She's got every reason to be glowing, which she revealed to both Andy Cohen and all of us at home watching this episode while using the cheap stair-stepper they force themselves to employ during reality television binges ... no, just me? Moving on. Vicki Gunvalson may have been the voice of wisdom this season, but it was Shannon whose life was actually changed for the better by the show. I know! Reality television saved a marriage! Say it with me now -- Jigga what?

Shannon was as open and honest during the reunion as she was this season on the show. She'd previously mentioned that David Beador's early to bed, early to rise sleep schedule really kept them from connecting. Some of the women thought she was actually TOO open, to which I say this: Tamra Judge, you bought a robot baby. *Drops mic, bows, leaves stage.*


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Fair enough though, Shannon, when it comes to waking up early and hating it! I don't care how deliciously blue my husband's eyes are -- if he tried to wake me up at 4:30 a.m. for some pre-breakfast nookie, I would have his head put on a spike in our front yard as a warning to any other man who dared to disturb my slumber. Basically I am like Henry VIII crossed with the Sphinx from Disney's Aladdin

My murderous whims and strange origin story to one side, Shannon was pleased as punch (which I guess means exceptionally pleased, not, like, that she was red and in some sort of bowl) to share that she and David are back and better than ever. They went from having taken NO vacations together as a married couple to having gone on four trips in the span of three months. My fave moment was Shannon talking about how fans of the show actually applauded them and their commitment to their marriage. Awkward but also, I am sure, a delight.

It isn't just the trips away that are healing their marriage -- Shannon's going to bed and getting up with David now, and she has the jet-lag from Bali to thank! It made it THAT much easier for her to reset her clock. Jet-lag be damned, Shannon is still a way better person than I am. This is why she gets to be on a fun reality show and banter with Andy Cohen and why I will probably one day be featured on Oxygen's hit show, Snapped

Would you ever change a major part of your routine to save a relationship?


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