'Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' Recap: Brendan Fitzpatrick Totally Messed Things Up With Morgan Stewart

morgan stewart and brendan fitzpatrick

Now, as I said last night, I LOVE Rich Kids of Beverly Hills stars Morgan Stewart and her BF Brendan Fitzpatrick. I want to sip chardonnay with Morgs and let Brendan talk me into buying a piece of luxury real estate that I cannot afford. (It will be like a modern-day Guy de Maupassant story! #tragic #french #moneycantbuyyouclass.) So imagine my despair tonight as Brendan totally missed the mark when it came to listening to his girlfriend. 

Morgan and Brendan wound up babysitting for Brendan's #adorable niece. (Note: I will try to keep this post light on the hastags, but I make no promises and for this I #blametheshow.) Morgan had a great time, but when she talked about motherhood with her own mother, Susan Stewart, she got a severe case of cold feet. She took her concerns to Brendan who misread her utterly. 


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Oh Brendan. This was not the hour for an ultimatum! It was the hour for blanket reassurances. This is what I would have told them both if they had seen fit to Facetime me as I have requested telepathically of them at least 10 times. 

Morgan's fears made total sense. She was panicked at the level of responsibility and scared at the prospect of producing a child with the severe emotional and psychological problems that her brother has. The fact that she was even WORRYING about these things proves that she'd be a great mom! She's taking the job seriously. That's what Brendan should have said. You know, along with telling her that they were a team, and that their kid would be awesome, and this was a journey they'd take together -- all that good stuff!

Instead, he was all "I can't be with a woman who doesn't want children." Morgan was miffed, and I can't say I blame her. She wasn't telling Brendan she didn't want kids -- she was confessing her fears about the future! Obviously family matters to Brendan, but he should have handled this differently. Rather than smack Morgan up with some relationship-threatening remarks, he should have talked it out with her. All my old-lady scolding done, here's this: I have no doubt that they'll make it through this patch and come out stronger on the other side. I am available to officiate their wedding at only a nominal cost. 

Do you think Brendan overreacted?


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