'Bachelor in Paradise' Recap: Jesse Kovacs Attacked After Shocking Exit

Jesse Kovacs

Man. The closer we get to the end of Bachelor in Paradise, the crazier things in Mexico actually become. I guess that's to be expected, given that there are only so many roses to hand out each week.

And when Brooks Forester and Tasos showed up to crash the party tonight, the dudes on the show seriously became more desperate than ever.

Poor Robert was so worried about Brooks asking out Sarah and sweeping her off her feet that he wrote her a freakin' love note, for crying out loud. And then there's Zack, who basically tried to convince himself that he's falling for Jackie, even though he supposedly "put all of his eggs in Clare Crawley's basket" like a week ago. (Dude needs to make an omelet and call it a day.)


But when it comes to who truly made a huge fool out of himself tonight, Jesse Kovacs wins the award for sure. OMG. Were you or were you not dying when Christy, Michelle, and Lacy cornered him in the limo as he was trying to exit paradise "like a man" or whatever?

Their little confrontation was totally classic, what with how badly they attacked him, though somehow I'm guessing everything they said to Jesse went in one ear and out the other.

I mean, the dude came right out and said being a real d-bag on the show was going to earn him some extra publicity, and he was happy about it. That pretty much tells us all we need to know about him.

But as far as the rose ceremony goes and the other man who was sent packing, I have to say, I was pretty disappointed to see Brooks go home. Something about Zack seems wishy-washy to me, so Jackie's best shot at love may have very well walked out of paradise tonight.

(Huh. Maybe ABC should make her The Bachelorette? Just a suggestion.)

Were you surprised that Jesse left the show on his own?


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