Chris Bukowski Was Almost Forced to Get Engaged to Elise Mosca

chris bukowski

It wouldn't be a Bachelor show without party crasher/romancer Chris Bukowski, so when Emily Maynard's ex left Bachelor in Paradise because of a knee injury, we were all crushed. But it seems like Chris' trip ended on a high note, because he did leave paradise with one lucky lady: Elise Mosca.

Think that was all you were going to see of the couple? Think again. ABC has some amazing drama up its sleeve, and to let us in on the scoop, Reality Steve just revealed that the duo will be making a surprise appearance on the finale of the show and could be taking their relationship to the next level.



Chris & Elise were actually flown back for the ending of the show since they were a couple that was never eliminated during a rose ceremony. They left because of Chris’ injury and Elise decided to go with him. Producers gave Chris a ring and wanted him to propose to Elise, but he decided he didn’t want to do it. Not sure how much of this, if any, will be shown.


All right, not only are they brought back on the show, but ABC wants him to propose?! That's a whole new level, Bachelor execs. We applaud you for your determination to spawn more official couples.

Sure, Chris and Elise did have a "hometown date," as he posted the above picture on Instagram. Clearly, she's already met his parents and they've both spent some time in Chicago. Those are good steps for better coupledom.

But engagement? Nice try. Would make for wonderful TV, but we're thinking it's too much and far too soon (hear that Marcus Grodd?).

Even though it didn't go down according to plan, please, ABC, please, show the entire exchange. We need another Neil Lane appearance and some somber melodies as Chris ponders his future.

Do you like Chris and Elise together?


Image via chrisjbukowski/Instagram

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