Chelsea Houska's Weight Loss Is Starting to Get Really Scary

Chelsea Houska

I know exercise can be kind of addicting and all, but Chelsea Houska's workout routine has truly reached a point of being WAY too intense.

We already knew she was doing CrossFit several times a week in addition to using all sorts of protein powders and supplements, but it looks as though she may have officially taken things too far in terms of pushing her already tiny body to the limit.

Check out this tweet she posted describing her latest sweat session. Don't you think she's going way overboard as far as burning calories goes?


Yep. She went to CrossFit ... followed by hot yoga! Is she nuts?!?

Um, I've never tried CrossFit, but I was a loyal hot yoga fan for about a year or so. And let me just tell you, when you leave the mat? You're literally dripping in sweat. Like you could wring out your workout attire and almost fill up a bucket.

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From what I've heard, CrossFit is just as challenging, so it's tough to imagine doing both of these workouts back to back.

I know Chelsea is in great shape and can easily handle both of them, but it really does seem like she's putting way too much pressure on herself to shrink her body even further.

Let's just hope this was a one-time thing and that she won't be doubling up on grueling workouts on a regular basis. She looks SO amazing already, so there's no need for her to torture herself!

Do you think Chelsea is getting too obsessed with working out?


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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