Chris Soules' Sexy Photo Will Convince You He's the Best 'Bachelor' Yet

Chris Soules

Damn. Even if he wasn't your first choice to be the new Bachelor, there's simply no denying that Chris Soules is ridiculously hot, to the point where it doesn't really even matter what he says to the 25 ladies on his season.

They'll likely be hanging on his every word regardless because they won't be able to get past his dreamy eyes, sexy smile, and of course, his rock-hard body, which is pretty flipping amazing.

Not convinced he's one seriously hot hunk of a man? Then check out this photo of him in a super tight T-shirt.



Oh come on, don't act like you aren't sitting there drooling, thinking about Chris reaching out and wrapping his big arms around you.

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He's so easy on the eyes, it's kind of insane, but then you go and add in his sweet personality and the fact that he's a true gentleman and OMG is it too late to sign up to be a cast member on his season yet? (Sorry. Little carried away.)

But seriously, who is totally counting down the weeks until Chris' Bachelor debut in January? (Me!! Raises hand.)

Do you think Chris is hot?


Image via Twitter

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