Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald Have Already Moved In Together (VIDEO)

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It takes a special kind of person to be able to move in with their significant other's parents. And Ben Seewald, who just got engaged to Jessa Duggar, is clearly that kind of person. That's right, Ben and Jessa are living together now ... with the rest of the Duggar clan.

Throughout their relationship, Ben and Jessa had been living four hours apart from each other and only were spending one to two days per month together -- not exactly an ideal situation. So, Jim Bob decided to ask his future son-in-law to move in with his large family in their Tontitown, Arkansas, home a few weeks ago -- in a separate guest house, of course -- so his and Jessa's relationship "could be really accelerated." And, naturally, Seewald jumped at the chance. "He was all for it," Jim Bob said. "And his parents were happy about it."

But, of course, there are some rules. 


Ben, who will be helping the Duggars out with various projects they have going on -- from cutting the grass to paperwork -- still is not allowed to be alone with his bride-to-be. The couple will always have a chaperone, and a strict curfew of midnight (which is actually later than I would have thought) has been enforced by Mom and Dad. Ben and Jessa still are only at the point of holding hands -- something they started doing after they got engaged -- and still plan on saving their first kiss for their wedding day. Wonder if any of the rules they've set for themselves will get harder now that they're seeing each other on a daily basis?

Like I said, it takes a special kind of person to move in with their significant other's family -- particularly when said family is so enormous. But the silver lining? If Ben and Jessa can make it through this, they can likely make it through anything. I'm betting these two crazy kids will have a long, beautiful life together -- with, yes, lots and lots of kids.

Do you think it was a good idea for Ben to move in with Jessa?


Image via Jessa Duggar/Instagram

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