Hilarious 'Friends' Mini Reunion Takes Place on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' (VIDEO)

If Saved by the Bell can do it, so can Friends! We're talking about a reunion with its fabulous cast members, which may never actually happen -- okay, it's never going to happen -- but that's okay. Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, we got the second best thing last night: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow reprised their roles as Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe and agreed to act out a scene from Kimmel's fanfiction, in which the TV host cast himself in the role of Ross.


Aniston was slated to be the only guest on Kimmel's show, but it became quickly apparent that he had other ideas for her. After reluctantly agreeing to read lines from his script with him, Jen seemed as astonished as we were when a curtain opened and, from out of nowhere, an exact replica of Monica's kitchen appeared on set. Freaky and awesome!

Kimmel's script was silly, of course, with tons of references to wanting to make love to Rachel, along with a few quips about how anyone could afford to live in a huge New York City apartment while working at Central Perk. Hey, he's got a point.

A few people are now questioning whether Jen was in on the joke since she seems agitated by Kimmel's request and, later, by his ongoing "love making" gag. But her reaction is perfect. And I think it's pretty clear she's acting -- especially when she pretends to be annoyed that her buddies Courteney and Lisa have stopped by to weigh in on what a good lover Ross is -- which prompts Kimmel to remind Cox that he is her brother. Gotta admit: It's been so long, I'd forgotten that too.

Oh, and you'd be annoyed too if Kimmel tried to get you to wear that awful Rachel wig. Spolier alert: Jen refuses.

Their appearance on stage reminds me of how much I miss this trio. There's no reason why a Friends reunion -- featuring the real Ross, Chandler, and Joey -- wouldn't work.

OMG -- baby Emma would be 11.

Check out the funny clip:

Would you watch a Friends reunion? What do you think the gang would be up to these days?


Image via Frank Trapper/Sygma/Corbis

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