Chelsea Houska's Feelings for Adam Lind Could Wind Up Destroying Her (PHOTO)

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Something weird is going on with Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind -- and by "weird," I mean "unsettling." Sure, Lind is the baby daddy of Chelsea's adorable daughter, Aubree, but he's also, well, a jerk -- a jerk who recently served another jail sentence. Not exactly father of the year. So, when Chelsea recently posed for a photo with Lind and Aubree for her first day of school, it was a little ... uncomfy -- even if she was simply putting on a brave face for the sake of their little girl. But even more uncomfy? The fact that Chelsea recently posted a cryptic Instagram photo that kind of makes it seem like she might still be in love with Lind.

Dear Lord, please let it not be true.


I suppose the Teen Mom star could be talking about anyone here, but given the fact that rumors have been floating around about the two and they just posed for a seemingly happy photo together, it's hard not to go straight to Adam with this:

Hmm ... definitely think she could be talking about Adam here, which isn't just a little scary, but also ... sad. This quote is, in so many words, talking about starting to fall in love with someone who has no intention of loving you back. Depressing. And, again, sort of sounds like Adam.

Of course, I could simply be reading into this -- maybe Chelsea's just a Bob Marley fan? But if it looks like Lind and smells like Lind, it probably is Lind. Aye. Stay strong, Chelsea!

Do you think Chelsea is talking about Adam Lind here?


Images via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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