'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Jesse Kovacs Spills Details About Alleged Threesome

bachelor in paradise jesse kovacs

Raise your hand if you agree: Bachelor in Paradise is the best thing to happen to the ABC franchise in years. Not only do we have plenty of drama, tears, and broken hearts, but we have some juicy hookups. And last night's episode was no different. An alleged threesome apparently went down between Jesse Kovacs, Christy Hansen, and Lucy Aragon, resulting in some interesting rose ceremony moments.

So, to set the record straight, Jesse talked to The Stir exclusively to let us in on all the scoop about the rumored ménage à trois.


Well, did it happen? According to Jesse, that's a firm "no." But the details are interesting.

Apparently, he did have some alone time with both of the ladies in question:

There was a small amount of activity on the way back from the date with Lucy in the limo. And when we got back, everyone just went their own way. We were partying and Christy and I ended up sort of hooking up and I fell asleep in her bed.

Sounds somewhat veiled and innocent, right? Wait, there's more:

I did wake up at 5:30 in the morning in between those two girls, surprised to see Lucy’s face three inches away from mine. I gathered my clothes and I went back to bed in my own bed. There was no threesome.

WOW. Simple enough, but anyone catch that one sneaky line? "I gathered my clothes." Interesting.

So we definitely know that something went down in paradise, but as far as those threesome rumors go? Well, they can be officially put to rest. Didn't happen. Nada. Let's rest easy, Bachelor nation.

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