Kailyn Lowry's Son Isaac Reveals the Sad Truth About Javi Marroquin

Javi Marroquin

Oh break our hearts already! Kailyn Lowry's 4-year-old son Isaac seems to obviously love his stepdad Javi Marroquin, but this precious little guy recently made a confession about how he really feels about him.

Kail has had an historically rocky relationship with her mom Suzi but has recently been reconnecting with her on Teen Mom 2. She's even been letting her babysit, which is huge in terms of how much their relationship has grown. Suzi does a great job caring for Isaac, getting him pizza and engaging him, but she may have gotten more than she bargained for when he admitted his feelings for Javi.


In the clip, Suzi asks Isaac how he likes his little brother, Lincoln, and he makes an adorable comment about how he doesn't talk yet. The topic of conversation naturally moves to superheroes, which gets him talking about Javi (he's the "freezer" in case you were wondering) and the fact that he's currently away from home for work. 

Javi is in the Air Force, which takes him away from home for extended periods of time occasionally, but it's hard to understand the concept when you're 4.

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Isaac confessed to his grandma, "Javi doesn't care about us," because he's away "playing." Suzi immediately tells him that's not true, and it isn't a bit, but it's still so sad to see sweet Isaac so troubled over whether or not his step-dad likes him.

Someday Isaac will understand just how much Javi truly cares about all of them and hopefully will be proud of his service and know that he had a part in serving his country even in a small way by sacrificing some of his time.

How would you explain a military parent's absence to a little kid?


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