'Pretty Little Liars' Kills Off the Last Character We Wanted to See Go

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Oh, Mona Vanderwaal, we barely knew ye! That's not true at all, is it? As Pretty Little Liars resident evil genius, Mona was the original 'A' at the end of season 1 and has proved herself in the subsequent seasons to be a valuable (if impossible to predict or even fully trust) ally for the girls to have. Let's all pour one out in memory of Mona, who was killed off last night in bloody, awful way. 

We've lost characters before on the show, but it's never been so definitive. I think that's what was hardest about Mona's death last night -- you know that sister-friend is dead, and there is no way she is coming back. That said, Mona's death has kind of kicked the show back into high-gear. While 'A' has always put the girls in danger and bothered them with threats, this is actually the first time she (or he) has taken one of their lives. That is some heavy nonsense, yo. But why did it have to be Mona?! 


Mona may have had her faults (you know, like being a borderline sociopath), but she didn't deserve to be killed! Yes, yes, I know, arguably, no one 'deserves' to be killed, but we are talking about a TV show, people. We knew that a death was coming -- the show had been fairly open about that. I just kind of assumed it would be Alison. Because she is kind of the worst. Okay, okay, aside from her awful-ness, my working theory about the show is that Alison has a twin who is evil and the evil twin is A. Killing off the 'good twin' would fit with my (admittedly nerdy) theory. 

Now that's been blown out of the water and we are left in a Mona-less Rosewood! Mona was crazy, and wild, and scheming, but she was so exceptionally smart. She and Spencer basically should have had a spin-off where they solve crimes as Private Investigators. Hanna could have been their lazy secretary who they paid in cupcakes. Sigh. All the dreams I had for Mona's future! 

Mona was killed moments after making it perfectly clear that she had proof that Alison was A. Her death seems to make her theory the right one. Is Spencer going to be able to pick up where Mona left off? Probably not, right, because she is in jail? WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? CAN MONA'S GHOST BECOME A CHARACTER PLEASE?

What did you think of last night's episode?


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