Mackenzie Douthit Suffers Horrible Health Scare

Mackenzie Douthit

She's so active and is in such great shape that we often forget that she has Type 1 Diabetes, and this week, Mackenzie Douthit had a health scare related to her condition. It sounds pretty awful if you ask me.

Apparently her blood sugar levels rose to a point where they were way too high, so she had to take drastic measures to get them back down where they belong again.

Check out the tweet she shared describing her ordeal.


Whew! What a relief that she is going to be ok! It sounds like Mackenzie definitely knows what to do when her blood sugar is out of whack, but still, this had to be pretty disconcerting for her. If she was asking people for prayers, she must have desperately needed them.

And while she no doubt does everything she can to take care of herself, it is a bit worrisome that right before she shared this tweet, she talked about coming back from a hard workout.

Hmm. Let's hope the run actually happened well after she got her blood sugar under control; otherwise, it raises the concern that she's pushing herself a bit too hard to stay in shape.

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While it's commendable that she's committed to her exercise routine, Mackenzie should definitely cut herself a break once in a while to allow her body time to rest. She already looks so amazing, and skipping a workout or two here and there probably wouldn't hurt.

Again, we're so happy that she's going to be just fine. Let's hope this is the last health incident she has to deal with for a very long time!

Do you think Mackenzie pushes herself too hard?


Image via mackenzietaymckee/Instagram

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