Arie Luyendyk Jr. Outs Chris Soules as Next ‘Bachelor’ in Bitter Tweet

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We've been waiting for the official announcement of the next Bachelor for the past several weeks, and it looks like one of the front runners has officially revealed ABC's final pick. Since competing on Emily Maynard's season, race car driver/professional kisser Arie Luyendyk Jr. has been a fan favorite, so it was no surprise that Bachelor nation backed him as the next main man. But in a not-so-subtle tweet, Arie revealed that the network has gone with good guy farmer Chris Soules as the next Bachelor.

That's right. In a backhanded tweet, Arie has officially made his peace with not being chosen. And he's not bitter at all, I swear:


Well, yowza, that's pointed. Gee, I wonder who he could be talking about ...

But seriously, it's a shame that Arie wasn't chosen. He's clearly been a major fan favorite (bit of an understatement here, people), especially in the most recent talks. When it was down to him, Chris, and Marquel Martin, fans were overwhelmingly urging ABC to choose Emily Maynard's ex.

But sadly, no such luck. And take a look at what you passed up, ABC: a chance for some awesome race car-related puns and car-themed dates. Arie would have been racing to meet all the ladies. Plus, he would be in the driver's seat while searching for love. There would have been no stopping this guy. It'd be full speed ahead! But ABC just pumped the brakes.

Ok, I'm done. And clearly, so is Arie.

As for all the ladies now thinking about auditioning for the season? Enjoy the farm. Ha!

Do you think ABC made the right choice?


Image via ariejr/Instagram

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