Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray's Move to LA Could Happen Any Day Now

Andi Dorfman Josh Murray

Well, well, well. That sure didn't take long. Even though they're back in Atlanta living their "normal" lives, Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray have an agent, which can only mean one thing, right?

Duh. They totally view themselves as celebrities. (Which they sort of are, but not really.)

The two of them are now represented by MELT, as Andi confirmed via Instagram with this photo.


Yep. They have their very own marketing firm, you guys. And why the heck else would they need one unless they are planning on capitalizing on every ounce of Bachelorette fame they possibly can?

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There's even speculation that Andi and Josh will pack up and move out to La-La-Land, you know, where the opportunities to make a buck off their names alone are much more plentiful.

And honestly, it's kind of strange that they haven't headed for Hollywood yet. Andi quit her job at the District Attorney's office. And there are rumors going around that she and Josh will compete on Dancing With the Stars. They can't exactly commute to rehearsals each week from Atlanta, so now is definitely the right time to make the move, given that the show premieres on September 15.

I know that plenty of Bachelor and Bachelorette cast members go on to have careers in showbiz, but the fact that Andi and Josh made such a big deal over not going that route is what makes their case highly annoying.

It's like, "OMG. We're SO not a couple of fame whores because we live in the A-T-L and we don't do that in the south, y'all."

But then in the next breath, they hired a marketing firm and pimped out the news on social media and voila! Their intentions to use their reality TV notoriety to their advantage are quite clear. Hmm. It almost makes you wonder if they are truly into each other or whether they're simply trying to advance their careers by acting all happy and in love. (Food for thought.)

By next week, we'll know whether or not LA is in the cards for these two, as the DWTS cast announcement happens on September 4. Stay tuned.

Do you think Andi and Josh want to be famous?


Image via andi_dorfman/Instagram

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