'Bachelor in Paradise' Recap: AshLee Frazier Disses Clare Crawley in Worst Possible Way

AshLee Frazier

Good GAWD. It might have taken a few weeks to really get going, but Bachelor in Paradise is seriously the best thing to come out of reality television in a long time.

Tonight's episode had plenty of "Are you freakin' kidding me?" moments worth noting, including Kalon McMahon falling in love with himself all over again. But by far, the most dramatic part of the show was when, during a "private" conversation with Zack, AshLee Frazier called Clare Crawley out for "fu&%ing" Juan Pablo Galavis in the ocean.

OMG. And then she went and yawned while saying, "I'm surprised there's not a camera on us" -- and I seriously almost got off the couch and cheered.


It was epic, people. It's the shit good reality TV is made of, and after Ash realized there was indeed a camera filming her conversation with Zack, all of our Bachelor in Paradise dreams came true.

As we totally expected, the shit hit the fan and then some. Now exactly everyone in that house (or hut or whatever it is) knows exactly how cray-cray Ash really is. (Hell, I think even SHE realizes she has a screw loose at this point.)

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Yeah, yeah, she tried to recover with that not even remotely heartfelt apology to Clare, but she didn't succeed. I mean, you can't come right out and call someone a slut and expect her to be all, "Oh, ok! Let's be besties again!"

Ash totally trashed her own reputation in exposing Clare, and unfortunately for her, her words appear to have cost her the relationship she had with Graham Bunn. (OMG. How great was it when Michelle Money told him what Ash said?!?)

I guess we'll have to wait until the show continues tomorrow night to see what goes down between them, but as of now, it looks as though AshLee will leave paradise defeated, broken-hearted, and alone.

(Karma's a bitch, honey.)

Do you think Clare had a right to be upset with AshLee?


Image via ashleefrazier/Instagram

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