Clare Crawley Ruins 'Bachelor in Paradise' Outcome in New Photo

Clare Crawley

Well? If you've somehow managed to avoid reading any Bachelor in Paradise spoilers up until now, that's about to change. Clare Crawley totally ruined all the suspense with one single photo on Instagram.

Ok, so it's not the picture itself that pretty much gives away whether or not she winds up winning the whole deal, but the caption she chose to post along with the shot says it all.


Aww. She's hanging out with a bunch of kids at Renee Oteri's wedding. How cute.

Did I mention her caption reads, "Singles table!"

Yep. With that simple comment, Clare inadvertently announced that she is not currently in a relationship, which means things with Zack must fizzle out in Mexico before Bachelor in Paradise ends.

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Ugh. Never mind her spoiling part of the ending -- why in the hell can't Clare seem to catch a break in the love department?

Seriously, something just doesn't add up here. She's drop dead gorgeous and her body is freakin' insane. She has a caring heart and seems totally genuine. And she's a reality star, for crying out loud, which should have men banging down her door.

If Clare can't manage to snag a man, there really isn't much hope for the rest of us single, not nearly as attractive ladies. Her sharing this photo is a major buzz kill in more ways than one.

Still, this doesn't mean any of us will stop watching Bachelor in Paradise. The drama alone is more than worth tuning in for even if we already have a decent idea of who will be left standing at the end.

Are you surprised that Clare is still single?


Image via clarecrawley/Instagram

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