Erin Andrews Reveals the ‘Dirty’ Truth of What Happens During 'DWTS' Rehearsals

Erin Andrews Dancing With the StarsGiven the sexiness factor of some of the numbers we see on Dancing With the Stars, it should come as no surprise that rehearsals get a bit … steamy. But it’s one thing to suspect it, and another entirely to have it confirmed by someone who would know.

Erin Andrews recently dished about what it’s been like pulling double-duty as a co-host on our favorite celebrity dancing show and as Fox Sports’ new lead sideline reporter for the 2014 NFL season. And she let it slip what DWTS rehearsals are really like.


The 36-year-old multitasker admitted that what goes on off-camera during DWTS rehearsals would make perfect material for seedy TV. She revealed, "Our dress rehearsals need to find their way on to cable television … they're dirty. They're nasty. They're funny. They would never be allowed on broadcast TV, and it’s some of the best material ever."

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She also gushed about how happy she is with the recent announcement that Julianne Hough will be taking on fourth-judge status.  "I loved having Julianne. She came on the season when I was on, and she was great," Andrews said. "The Houghs really put DWTS on the map. Derek's amazing. Julianne is a sick dancer. Any way that they can make the show better and more exciting for the fans is amazing."

Andrews calls her new gig as a sideline reporter (a coveted position she took over from reigning reporter Pam Oliver) a “dream come true,” but it hasn’t come without controversy. Haters gotta hate, you know. So how does she deal with the public scrutiny? She blocks it out with the help of family and friends.

"I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong in my personal life, but now everybody is a judge and now with the Internet and social media, everybody has something to say," she admitted. "I have a fantastic support system with my family, my boyfriend [NHL player Jarret Stoll] and my friend, and they’re just like, 'block that all out.'"

How raunchy do you think Dancing With the Stars rehearsals really get?


Image via Erin Andrews/Instagram

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