Chelsea Houska Slammed for Sharing Totally Innocent Photo of Aubree

Chelsea HouskaChelsea Houska has always been on the cutting edge of fashion -- for herself and her little girl Aubree. Heck, she even put some temporary hair dye into her daughter's hair recently. But that was temporary, and short-term temporary at that.

Has this Teen Mom 2 star officially taken things too far? Chels shared a picture on Instagram on Friday, and within approximately two seconds, was slammed for shaving Aubree's head.


Chelsea posted this adorable photo of her 4-year-old looking out the window of an airport, obviously watching planes landing and taking off, just like every other kid in America (and most adults, who pretend not to be interested in such things but secretly are). She captioned it with a simple "She's SO excited. Travel baby," along with an emoji of a smiley face and an airplane.

And then the comments. Oh, the comments. People immediately jumped on Chelsea for shaving half of Aubree's hair off, because some shadow or camera glare ran across the sweet little girl's head. It's almost like they were just waiting for an excuse -- any excuse -- to jump all over the reality star.

But geez, this is just a totally innocent photo of a darling little girl, most likely on her way to a Teen Mom 2 reunion special (it looks like Jenelle Evans on the way too). The criticism is unwarranted, unnecessary, and frankly, just plain ridiculous.

Did you think it looks like Chelsea shaved Aubree's head?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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