Chelsea Houska's Lip Plumping Method Is All Sorts of Weird (VIDEO)

Chelsea Houska Aubree

Dude. She's so naturally gorgeous, it's insane, which is why we can't help but scratch our heads over Chelsea Houska undergoing a lip plumping treatment to perk up her pout!

OMG. I know she works in a day spa and all, making her privy to this sort of thing, but based on a video she shared of herself getting the procedure, it doesn't exactly look too pleasant!

Check it out.


What the heck?!? Isn't it so weird how that mask (or whatever it is) is supposed to be making her lips plumper -- but it doesn't really appear to be covering her lips? Huh. Interesting.

But as bizarre as this is, I guess we should be relieved that Chel isn't resorting to injections or fillers and is using what seems to be a pretty natural way of enhancing her lips. It would be a shame if she decided to opt for plastic surgery, so let's hope this is as far as she ever goes to alter her face.

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On a lighter note, isn't Chel such a riot? You gotta love her laid-back sense of humor and the fact that she doesn't take herself too seriously. If nothing else, this funny video only makes us adore her even more.

Have you ever tried any sort of lip enhancing treatment?


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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