Chris Bukowski Shares Shocking Details of His Overnight Date With Elisa Mosca

Chris Bukowski

Chris Bukowski might be one of the biggest players that The Bachelor franchise has ever seen, but it looks like he might be changing his ways when it comes to the way he's treating his women.

The Chicago native recently dished on what happened during his overnight date with Bachelor in Paradise star, Elise Mosca -- and it's definitely not what you would expect to hear him say.


There was speculation that Chris and Elise did the dirty during episode 3, especially since Chris couldn’t stop talking about how “bangin” her body looked and was basically foaming at the mouth each time he talked about her. Even with his torn ligament, it seemed as though Chris was willing to do anything and everything with Elise, but according to the Bachelor hottie, nothing happened between the two. He made the revelation during an interview with Elliot in the Morning:

We actually ended up not even sleeping in the same room that night.

Um, what? This guy is one of the biggest womanizers on the show and he’s telling us that nothing happened between him and Elise? Sorry, but I’m not buying it. He also said that he turned down Elise gently because he wasn’t sure if she was his perfect match:

I wasn’t confident that Elise was the right girl for me and didn’t want to lead her on to believe anything different.

Wow. I’m really having a hard time believing this guy, especially since the show is edited in such a way that makes him looking like a complete player. Either I’m totally wrong or this guy has something up his sleeve that he’s not telling us about.

Do you think Chris is telling the truth and that he really didn’t sleep with Elise during their night together?

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