'True Blood' Finale Spoilers: Fact, Fiction & V-Induced Fever Dreams

True Blood
Buckle up, True Blood fans. It's been a roller coaster ride of blood, sex, and unfortunately inconsistent seasons, but those of us who've stuck it out to the end will be rewarded on Sunday. We'll get to see Alexander Skarsgard naked again -- er, sorry, no, that might not be a thing, but we will maybe probably see most of the HBO series' story lines come to satisfying conclusions.

Because, of course, the Internet is flooded with rumors and speculation about what will actually happen in the True Blood series finale, we thought we'd take a minute to sort out the True SPOILERS from the Lettie Mae-level crazy guesses.


The Facts

It's a Plus-Size Episode: Fan site True-Blood.net confirmed that the episode will run 65 minutes long. If you're not watching live, avoid wanting to stake someone and double check that your DVR will record the whole thing (and that is really not an Alexander Skarsgard naked reference, we swear).

Bill May or May Not Die of Hep-V: HBO's synopsis is predictably vague on this front: "Sookie (Anna Paquin) weighs a future with and without Bill (Stephen Moyer)."

Pam Is Safe, for Now: After that harrowing scene at the end of episode 9 in which the Yakuza almost impaled Pam, we know from the official synopsis that she'll live to fight another day. "Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) struggle with their uncomfortable partnership with Mr. Gus."

Sam Is Back: We don't know if he's going to stay in Bon Temps, though. Per the synopsis: "Sam (Sam Trammell) makes a choice, while Andy (Chris Bauer) comes upon an unexpected inheritance." Is that inheritance the position of mayor in Sam's absence? Or is it something from Bill, his great-great-great-great-grandfather?

Sarah Newlin Attempts an Escape: One of the clearest, non-dreamy/flashbacky images from the preview is of the cure herself crawling through a tunnel.

Sookie Is Sad and Reflective: The sneak peek clip HBO released this week shows her having a heart-to-heart with Reverend Daniels and asking, "Do you think that God made us all as he meant us to be, or do you think that some of us are just mistakes?"

Everyone Gets Together for Something: In her appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers last month, Anna Paquin described one of the last scenes she shot for the show: "We had this big, giant scene that’s one of the last scenes in episode 10 where everyone is there. We did a lot of crying and hugging."

The Reasonable Guesses

There Is a Wedding or a Funeral: In the photos and preview for episode 10, everyone's dressed up for something, and we assume that's the aforementioned "big, giant scene." But one photo shows Sookie in a black dress and another shows her in a pretty pink one. Did Bill die? Are Andy and Holly tying the knot? Or maybe Lafayette and James?

Bill and Sookie End Up Together: If the writers are in the mood for happy endings, this would be it. “This show worked because of the chemistry [Moyer and Paquin] shared,” showrunner Brian Buckner told TV Line. “I certainly felt, going into [the final season], that we had to come back to Bill and Sookie.” Just ignore the gaping gravesite you see in the preview.

Something Bad Happens to Pam or Eric or Both: We're just basing this on an interview Skarsgard did with People about his last scene with Bauer van Straten. "I knew that it was going to be very emotional, I knew that it was going to be difficult, but I had no idea how hard that would hit me the second they yelled cut on our last take together. ... In that moment, we just looked at each other and burst out crying."

We'll See Someone Naked: There is no evidence, only precedence.

Lettie-Mae-on-V-Level-Crazy Speculation

Sookie Becomes a Vampire: Some fans chose to interpret the season 7 promotional photo of Sookie crying blood to mean that she gets turned. Hypable writes: "If Gus tries to kill her, a vampire could be just the solution to saving her. What if Sookie drank Bill’s blood moments before Bill dies from the Hep-V infection, thus giving Sookie the opportunity to have Bill live within her?" Well, it could happen.

Sam Comes Back and Marries Sookie: That's how Charlaine Harris' book series ends. But the show has strayed so far from the books, for better (Lafayette lives!) and worse (where's Quinn the were-tiger?!?), and this seems highly unlikely.

How do you want True Blood to end?

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