Nathan Griffith's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Is One Crazy, Epic Fail (VIDEO)

nathan griffithMaybe you think these ALS Ice Bucket Challenges are getting out of hand. But I think not. Awareness and money are being raised; plus, we're getting laughs while watching our favorite celebrities get soaked. Those are great things. And contributing to the greatness is none other than Jenelle Evans' love Nathan Griffith.

Nathan makes some interesting choices with his challenge. Where he chooses to do this and with what are questionable. And so are the shorts he is wearing -- or shall I say barely wearing. You've got to see it to understand.


Those have got to be Jenelle's shorts that Nathan is wearing. They sure are tight. I'm going to guess that, yes, they are. Also note the "bucket" in this challenge isn't a bucket at all -- it's a huge cooler. I'm not sure Nathan realized how difficult it would be to dump this over his head. He's strong and all -- those muscles can attest to that -- but come on now. A cooler? In the bathtub? This is just crazy sauce. And so when Nathan tries to lift the cooler full of ice over his head, he fails. Laughs it off. Tries again. Succeeds! Sort of. Half of the water and ice spill over the bathroom floor. The rest goes in the tub, where Nathan very bravely sits.

Good job!

It's one to laugh at that's for certain. When he rattles off a long list of names of those who he is challenging next, of course his "lover" Jenelle, the one and only, gets called out. Looking forward to hers.

Please support this great cause and donate to the ALS Association!

What did you think of Nathan's Ice Bucket Challenge? Think Jenelle's will be better?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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