'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Kailyn Lowry Reunites With Her Estranged Mom

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Now that she's settled into married life and is taking care of her sons, Kailyn Lowry's life seems to be on the upswing. And on tonight's Teen Mom 2, we saw Isaac and Lincoln's mom take one more step in rebuilding her relationships.

First, with Javi gone, she's been single-parenting both boys. And as Isaac's art show is coming up, it served as a perfect opportunity to have a mini-reunion with Isaac's dad, Jo, his girlfriend, and even Kailyn's mom, Suzi.


That's right. Kailyn has been trying to co-parent Isaac as seamlessly as possible. Just a couple weeks ago, she and Javi went and visited Jo and Vee in their apartment in New Jersey. They even all went out and got dinner together. Major moment for the family.

Now this week, Jo returned the favor and stopped by Kail's home when visiting Isaac's school. Conveniently, just a few days before the visit, Kailyn's mom called and announced that she'd like to visit. And she actually did. She even spent the night in an effort to help Kailyn take care of Lincoln (poor baby wouldn't latch) while Kailyn got some rest.

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Meanwhile, Jenelle Evans has finally moved on to divorcing Courtland Rogers. She met with her lawyer, who served her ex-husband with the paperwork, and now he has 30 days to respond to the statements or the divorce will go through. *fingers crossed*

And in more strange news: Nathan Griffith announced that although he knows baby Kaiser is his, he will still be getting paternity testing. Bizarrely, if Jenelle doesn't get her divorce before she gives birth, her ex might still be entitled to paternity. Iiiiinteresting ...

As for Leah Calvert? She continues to deal with daughter Ali's wheelchair situation, but it looks like Corey's family is finally starting to come around. Jeff, the girls' grandfather, takes Ali to her first physical therapy appointment, where he sees how seamlessly the little lady can scoot around in her chair. When he reports back to Corey, it looks like he's finally realized the positive effects the chair can have on his daughter.

So much so that he even requests that Leah bring it the next time he has the girls.

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Finally, Chelsea Houska is an official esthetician, y'all! She has her own business cards, office, spa space, and tools. She's a professional now. But personally, things are not looking so peachy. Little Aubree has started playing softball and her first practice is coming up. Adam promised he'd come, was very aware of the time, yet missed the whole thing. He showed up after the field was empty.

Sure, it was disappointing, but that wasn't even the worst part. Later, when taking with Papa, Aubree sadly says: "My dad missed it all." And Chelsea immediately breaks and we can't blame her. Nice going, Adam.

Do you think Kailyn should let Suzi back in her life?


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