'The Strain' Gets a 2nd Season of Blood, Guts & Really Gross Vampires

The Strain
Horror fans, are you watching The Strain? The FX series created by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, based on their novel trilogy of the same name? I've been ... well, I'm not sure enjoying it is the right word, particularly considering the scene involving a guy nonchalantly flushing his own penis down the toilet, but I'm always a little excited when there's a new episode on the DVR.

The Strain kind of reminds me of Sons of Anarchy: it's got enough going for it that you can forgive its occasional cheesiness. In terms of quality, you never quite forget that you're watching FX and not, say, HBO, but it's gratifyingly dark, and even with The Walking Dead paving the gore-strewn way, it's surprisingly disgusting for basic cable. In fact, between the graphic splatter and the fact that the show's vampires are decidedly unsexy, I wasn't sure this show would be a hit.

It sounds like the people have spoken, though: The Strain has officially been renewed for a second season.


The Strain has been given a 13-episode order for a second season to air in 2015, and according to FX, they're extremely pleased by the show's reception:

We’ve never had any doubts about The Strain. Working with Guillermo del Toro, Carlton Cuse, and the brilliant cast led by Corey Stoll has been everything we had hoped it would be and more.

The show is doing really well, with an average 11 million total viewers per week. For anyone wondering if they can keep up the pace of totally grossing us out each episode, Del Toro promises there's plenty of gore coming next season:

I am thrilled! Another season to spread the virus! Working with Carlton, Chuck and FX has been immensely rewarding and we have such sights to unveil in the upcoming episodes — the blood hits the fan on this one, mankind becomes an endangered species.

Well, cool. I'm glad it was renewed, because even if it's imperfect and occasionally overly campy (I'm not sure who feels more like they stepped from the pages of a comic book: Holocaust survivor Professor Abraham Setrakia, Vasiliy the gimlet-eyed Russian exterminator, undead acolyte Thomas Eichhorst, or Nora the Improbably Hot Epidemiologist) (and you know this is all building toward a vaguely silly Scooby gang of vampire fighters), it's been fun to watch. I'm eager to see where things are going, and can't wait for the promised episode when Corey Stoll finally loses that awful wig.

What do you think of The Strain? Are you happy it was renewed?

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