The 'Married at First Sight' Couples That May Be Headed for Divorce (VIDEO)

If you're a betting person, I think it's time to start an office pool about which couples on the radical experiment Married at First Sight will make it. Will it be Jamie Otis and Doug HehnerCortney Hendrix and Jason Carrion? Will Monet Bell and Vaughn Copeland surprise us and turn their relationship around? In today's exclusive show below, I break down episode 7: "Social Life."


The clock continues to tick for these couples, and there are only three episodes left. It's clear that each of them are feeling the pressure and taking risks they wouldn't consider under normal circumstances. Cortney and Jason take on each other's performance careers, hers as a burlesque dancer and his as a wrestler. This brings up a quandary: as on-camera talent, what activities are "reality-TV-safe" and which are risky? Despite their enthusiastic support of one another, Cortney made a move that could be dangerous, depending on how Jason feels about it. What about? His mother.

This week, I'm convinced that Jamie is letting Doug in much deeper and faster than she consciously realizes. When they have his parents over for dinner, Doug's mother takes on the Greek Chorus role we see all over docu-soap reality television, asking questions many viewers have likely been thinking as well. As part of this discussion, the producers use a device that has now become standard for them. Can you guess what it is?

Finally, it's not news to any viewer that Monet and Vaughn are in a flame-out, crash-and-burn, mayday tailspin. Dr. Pepper Schwartz suggests a couple's cooking lesson to spark communication, and in today's episode I break down what surprised me about it. Will they make it, or is it too late? I give you my opinion; tell me in the comments whether you agree.

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Which of the Married at First Sight couples are you rooting for?


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