'Below Deck' Recap: Kelley Johnson Must Be in Serious Pain

below deck

It's episode 2 of the second season of Bravo's summer hit Below Deck and the drama is already brewing! Let's look at the roster: We've got Kat Held and Amy Johnson's mysterious beef, Kelley Johnson and Jennice Ontiveros's burgeoning shared-crush, and chef Ben "Hair Gel McBritish" Robinson one late-night cookie request away from snapping utterly. It's hard to pick one stand-out moment because I'll be real, the whole episode was pretty killer.

But don't worry, I managed to do it. The shocking final moments of this week's episode that really took the cake ... and drove it to the emergency room? That analogy got away from me. After receiving a generous tip (15 large, son!) from their wealthy charter guests, the crew goes to shore to enjoy some genial debauchery. Everything is going just fine until Kelley, playfully swinging on a rope swing, flipped over and cracked his dome! At the episode's end, his eyes were open but he was totally non-responsive, yikes! 


What made Kelley's injury even more traumatic was that just moments before, we'd really had the chance to watch him open up. He and his sister Amy shared a private, tearful moment talking about the years they missed while she was in college and he was actively serving in the Marine Corps. It's no secret that Kelley is one tough dude, but his sister clearly means the world to him.

When the guy started weeping, I just wanted to take his burly body in my arms and hold him close (I know, MAJOR sacrifice on my part). To see him open up and start to connect with the people around him and then immediately afterward suffer potentially major head trauma? That's a double punch to the gut of awful. Here's hoping it's nothing serious and we see him back on the small screen soon! 

Would you ever work in such close quarters with your brother or sister?


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